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Amon Tobi – ISAM Live

PAINTING830 by Claudio Parentela

Wallpaper by Hörður Lárusson

07-26-2011 by Andy Gilmore

Africa Hi-Tech – 93 Million Miles

Andy Gilmore – 08-05-2011

Cube Repetition

Shudy Shoe Box

Carsten Nicolai, Reflex, 2004

particip-a-type by Elise Gay and Kevin Donnot

Alpha Font by Matt W. Moore

abstrakt Abstrakt: John Powers

{ THE BOX } Goertz by Perret Schaad S/S 2012

Solar System by Johannes Kepler

Cappellini Thin Black Table by Nendo

Penrose tiling

Impossible Is Possible by alumican_net

Antony Gormly – Beamer

Garth Weiser – I wouldn’t have worn mascara if I knew I was going to be taking a trip down memory lane, 2008


Charles le Chat by Victor Eide

Archetypes by Evgeniya and Dominic Righini-Brand

3D Perlin Particles Lazer Tracing by webr3

Hms by Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti

Kaleidoscope Oxfam by Toko

Another work by Jeppe Hein

Framed Ball by Jeppe Hein

Steven Siegel – Beach Blocks, 2009

Tauba Auerbach – Yes and Not

Tom Burr

Block Triangle by Kit Grill

Generative logo by Neue Design Studio

Central Place Theory by Walter Christaller


Logotypes by Herb Lubalin

Kokuyo Kadokeshi U700 eraser

Nils Nova – 2.Zeit