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Cube fireworks shells

Socle Du Monde 991-92, an homage to Piero Manzoni

Industrial landscape by Laurent Bompard

R.I.P. Paul Rand

ED Zine illustration by Benjamin J Robinson

Ten years of big dada recordings



Floating Cube in Center

Struct typeface by Rob Ricketts

Spectrum Cube – Emilio Gomariz

Silberblock chocolate by Böhme

XYZ note Video by kamkam

XYZ note by Hyunjin Seo and Jaekyoung Kim

Polyhedron Models by Magnus J. Wenninger

Block illustration by Aldous Massie

Statistische Phantasie by Anatolii Timofeevich Fomenko

Nobson Newtown by Paul Noble

Splitterwerk – Frog Queen

Damian Ortega – Concrete Cube (black)

Quake Shelf by Antoine Phelouzat

Etienne de Crecy – No Brain

Unnderweissung der proportzion unnd stellung der possen by Erhard Schön

Bizzarie di varie figure by Giovanni Battista Bracelli

Deß Circkelß vnd Richtscheyts … by Heinrich Lautensack

Cubic drawing by Luca Cambiaso

ADJUST Concept Watch by Nico NL1

12.000.000 POLYS

Solid Ho Clock

Rhythm of the city by Slavomir Zombek

David Scanavino – Corral

Brecht Vandenbroucke – Technology to Teach