Untitled by Sam Messenger


Cube by Daniel Stolle


Brionvega turntable and radio by Bob Noorda


Impossible triangle by Oscar Reutersvärd

A father to impossible figures reutersv_1_o

Spaghetti Block


The Wall by Andreas Gysin

ertdfgcvb the-wall

555 KUBIK facade projection by urbanscreen


The Psychology of Learning Mathematics


Poster by Dionysis Livanis


Curvilinear perspective created by Albert Flocon and André Barre


Georgia Tech by Stefán Kjartansson

Georgia Tech - 38_gatech

isolated communities by WE LOVE TO BUILD™

WE LOVE TO BUILD  isolated communities 264272600_740521a7f0

Pet Shop Boys


Can someone tell us why we are here? by Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning artwork_images_111979_263780_olaf-breuning

CUBEN Poster by Simon Page

CUBEN Posters 992931238332980

Brick cube by James Joyce 2008

Brick cube by James Joyce 2008

Streambox by Patrik Pettersson

playsam streambox_red_01_450

Relationer (4) by Cajsa Holmstrand


Alchemy test by rozengain

Astronomy Box

Block wallpaper by Leslie David

another cubic font by Fontfabric

Free cube font by Fontfabric

Compass and ink by Richard Sarson

Murten Swiss Expo 2002 – Jean Nouvel

Alex Sushon

Alban Courtine

Machtwerk Font by Patrick Hubbuch

Colorplast book jacket from East Germany

Interactive ToneMatrix by André Michelle

Vœux St luc 2009 by Benoît Bodhuin

Stack by Tony Cragg, 1975

Untitled by SAM MESSENGER, 2005

Lunch Bar by TODESIGN

Superstudio Quaderna

Gaetanp Pesce Pink Pavillon


Pixel by Ligne Roset

Kunst by Ahoi Polloi

Translation: I see something you don’t see and it is art. ha ha.

Installation by Jan Imberi

Joy Electric Sleeve


Tölzer Würfel

Homage to Fadat from Enzo Mari, 1967

6 Part Studio Wall Drawing by Keith Tyson – 5th June 2006

Fontstruct Block Fonts

turquoise turkish blocks by Jürgen Hefele

Bridget Wesr–Delicates Cube

LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block

Stackem for an interactive block party


Piero Russi–Black Trabo ‘Block’ Toaster

Zipdesign – The Four Horsemen

Lissabon Block Tiles


Larry Bell

HEY HO Block

Hey Ho Block

GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself

GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself

Günther Förg – Baukasten – 1996

Gu�nther Fo�rg - Baukasten - 1996

Josef Hoffmann – Spielzeugfabrik – um 1920

Josef Hoffmann - Spielzeugfabrik - um 1920

Theodor Artus Winde – 3 Sets mit Spiezeuggebäuden und 5 einzelne Häuser – vor 1933

Theodor Artus Winde - 3 Sets mit Spiezeuggeba�uden und 5 einzelne Ha�user - vor 1933

Verner Panton – PantoNaef – 1975

Verner Panton - PantoNaef

Waki Z?llner – Baukasten – 1968

Waki Zo�llner - Baukasten - 1968.tif

Kunstblock M?nchen

Kunstblock München

Gregor Schneider – G?stezimmer – u r 12 Haus Rheydt 1995

Gregor Schneider - Ga�stezimmer - u r 12 Haus Rheydt 1995 - Kunsthalle Bern 1996

Gregor Schneider – Ausstellung Impulse 17 – Galerie Loehrl

Gregor Schneider - Ausstellung Impulse 17 - Galerie Loehrl

Roy Block

Roy Block

Mario Bolloco

sorry - no link available

The Illuminate Cube

The Illuminate Cube

BenBenWorld – Conception de charte graphique / St Luc

BenBenWorld - Conception de charte graphique / St Luc

Adam Kalkin – Quick House

Adam Kalkin - Quick House

Vincent Cogne – Stereoscopic Processing

Vincent Cogne - Stereoscopic Processing

daniel brown for shift magazine

Daniel Brown for shift magazine

Yugop – Rose

Yugop Rose

Alexander Gelman – Little Black

Alexander Gelman - Little Black

Blockhead – Martin Mueller




The Cubes – In this office you´re the boss!

The Cubes

Sugar Block: Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan – monument of sugar – 2006 – Stedelijk Museum – Amsterdam

Sugar Block

CGI Block B?ro from FISK, Amsterdam

Fisk, Netherlands



Paul McCarthy – Block Head

Paul McCarthy Block Head

Block Interior 3 – centrum cubische constructies 1965 – 1970

old Block Interior

Bücherinsel by Patrick Lindon

Patrick Lindon Bücherinsel

TDC 2006 Block Book

TDC 2006 Block Book

TDC 2006 Block Letters – Mariko Yokogi – from Osaka – Japan

TDC 2006 Block Poster from Japan

TDC 2006 poster – 3 Dimension Typeface daylight version – Yoni Kim from New York

TDC 2006 Ney York

TDC 2006 Block Poster from Montreal

Work from Canada

100 besten Plakate 2005 – S A N A A – Lecture – Ruth Kutschheit, Josh Paul

100 besten Plakate 2005

Sign Generator by Norm

Norm Sign Generator

Blue 88 Sign Generator from James Clar

Blue 88

I dream of Block

I dream of

Tiny Icon Factory

Tiny Icon Factory

Schöne neue Kinder Blöcke – Flash Visual

Random Installation snk-wire.02

Megi Zumstein – Animals in Motion – a type matrix

Animals in Motion

Tetra Block

Tetra Block

Brighten the Corners – Sky Block

brighten the corners

Block Kids UK

Block Kids

Partially Disassembled Rubiks Cube

Kaputt 1