Non-Periodic (Three Colors) by Owen Schuh

Wallpaper by Hörður Lárusson

Nils Nova – 2.Zeit

Martin Creed – Work No. 571

Eric Angels – Open Edition 10

Six trashed items by Peter K. Koch


Sand Castle 3 by box builder

Sand Castle 3 167739151_ec142bbfe8_o

isolated communities by WE LOVE TO BUILD™

WE LOVE TO BUILD  isolated communities 264272600_740521a7f0

Can someone tell us why we are here? by Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning artwork_images_111979_263780_olaf-breuning

Bridget Wesr–Delicates Cube

Embedded Sulfur Resin Block

Josef Hoffmann – Spielzeugfabrik – um 1920

Josef Hoffmann - Spielzeugfabrik - um 1920



TDC 2006 Block Letters – Mariko Yokogi – from Osaka – Japan

TDC 2006 Block Poster from Japan

This is not a magazine

This is not a magazine

Block Knast

Block Knast

Clock Block.

Clock Block 3clock block 1clock block 2

Glass Block

29_07_2006_glass_block_1.jpgglass block

Big Block seen near main station in Berlin