Cube fireworks shells


shapemaker by miller goodman

Polygon Font by Andy Babb, 2008

D20090409 base64alpha v1 by davebollinger


dice by MDCCLXIV

dice 3055503911_2525b0c66a_o

Untitled by Erwin Wurm


Untitled by Kitty Kraus

Kitty Kraus - Ohne Titel - 2008 - 2b

Cubus by Visomat


Parco Shibuya christmas tree by Masaru Ozaki


Super HyperCube by Polytron


Cube by Daniel Stolle


The Wall by Andreas Gysin

ertdfgcvb the-wall

In The Future by Black Mountain


Brick cube by James Joyce 2008

Brick cube by James Joyce 2008

Density by Dave Bollinger

Compass and ink by Richard Sarson

Machtwerk Font by Patrick Hubbuch

Cubicubicubic by fpsurgeon using Structure Synth

Cubematric Max by Eric Carl

Gaetanp Pesce Pink Pavillon

Menger Sponge_level 2 completed

Wall Drawing 766 by Sol Le Witt with timelapse video

Cube by Spirit Surfers

Pixel by Ligne Roset

Human Rubiks Cubes

Kunst by Ahoi Polloi

Translation: I see something you don’t see and it is art. ha ha.

Log by Sou Fujimoto

Installation by Jan Imberi

Joy Electric Sleeve


Escher Block AVI

Tölzer Würfel

6 Part Studio Wall Drawing by Keith Tyson – 5th June 2006

Fontstruct Block Fonts

turquoise turkish blocks by Jürgen Hefele

Optical Tone by Tsutomu Mutoh

Scott Tolleson–Doc von Block

Thanks Matthias Z.

Naho Matsuno–Cube 6

Zipdesign – The Four Horsemen

Lissabon Block Tiles

Tutorial – Felt Block rattle

GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself

GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself

Verner Panton – PantoNaef – 1975

Verner Panton - PantoNaef

Waki Z?llner – Baukasten – 1968

Waki Zo�llner - Baukasten - 1968.tif

Gregor Schneider – G?stezimmer – u r 12 Haus Rheydt 1995

Gregor Schneider - Ga�stezimmer - u r 12 Haus Rheydt 1995 - Kunsthalle Bern 1996

Gregor Schneider – Weisse Folter – 2007

Gregor Schneider - Weisse Folter - 2007