David Weeks

Floating Cube in Center

Rhythm of the city by Slavomir Zombek

Alpha Font by Matt W. Moore

3D Perlin Particles Lazer Tracing by webr3

Hms by Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti

Kaleidoscope Oxfam by Toko

Another work by Jeppe Hein

Block Triangle by Kit Grill

Generative logo by Neue Design Studio

Towards and Beyond – Rafael Rozendaal

Phoenecia by Echelon Mall

a block found in Berlin Friedrichshain

Antony Gormley – Breathing Room III

Proposal for a Monument at Lagrange 5, Dedicated to the Lost Space Age by Ralo Mayer

Cube Dude

Jerzy Seymour Wax Chair, 2010

Japanese Block

Window of the Institut du Monde Arabe Paris

traffic light Paris

metro wall Paris

Marina margarine

Milky Disco Three by Non-Format

Peter Coffin – 3D God´s Eye

Rubik´s Cube Braille


Instalation by Varvin

Thread & Water T-Shirt by yasly

Nonsensical Infographics by Chad Hagen

Idris Khan – Seven Times

Graphic design study of the snowflake by Andrei D. Robu, 2010