Neon slicey cube by Eli Fitch

Middle Finger Block


Infinity Glass Tealight Candle Holder


Ink Pad

Ink Pad

How to Add Scent to a Candle


Growing Snowflake by Kenneth G. Libbrecht


Domenico Mori Graphic Collection

Graphic Collection_Domenico Mori

webpack logo


Block by Cristóbal Schmal

cristóbal schmal - nomono tumblr_mqrchbnG1n1qazg3ko1_1280

Play by Daniel Sosa


block and tree by graphonaute

graphonaute tumblr_n1260wLe1S1sfujgvo1_1280

1000 Cubes by chimanaco

1000 Cubes | WebGL Experiments

Herakles table by Fundamental


Arcade Fire Single Afterlife


Always / Never by United Visual Artists UVA


Robots singing ‘Heart’ by Pet Shop Boys


dabblet block animation


line study in falling squares by Johnny Abrahams

Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann

Ice Cubes by Christoph Niemann

The Artwork Nobody Knows by Ryan Gander

Who’s next by Marco Ripa

Block by Joseph Kosuth

Golden Parachutes by James Bill

Non-Periodic (Three Colors) by Owen Schuh

Max Spinger – Cardboard-Boxes

Happy new year by Grandbase Inc

Britannica Atlas by Lucas Simões

Cube Pattern by Torafu Architects

Water Lily by Ryuji Nakamura

Rut Bryk – City

Cube fireworks shells

Socle Du Monde 991-92, an homage to Piero Manzoni

Industrial landscape by Laurent Bompard

ED Zine illustration by Benjamin J Robinson

Ten years of big dada recordings


Floating Cube in Center

Struct typeface by Rob Ricketts

Spectrum Cube – Emilio Gomariz

Silberblock chocolate by Böhme

XYZ note Video by kamkam

XYZ note by Hyunjin Seo and Jaekyoung Kim

Block illustration by Aldous Massie

Nobson Newtown by Paul Noble

ADJUST Concept Watch by Nico NL1

Solid Ho Clock

Rhythm of the city by Slavomir Zombek

David Scanavino – Corral

Amon Tobi – ISAM Live

PAINTING830 by Claudio Parentela

Wallpaper by Hörður Lárusson

07-26-2011 by Andy Gilmore

Cube Repetition

particip-a-type by Elise Gay and Kevin Donnot

Alpha Font by Matt W. Moore

Cappellini Thin Black Table by Nendo

Impossible Is Possible by alumican_net

Charles le Chat by Victor Eide

Archetypes by Evgeniya and Dominic Righini-Brand

3D Perlin Particles Lazer Tracing by webr3

Hms by Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti

Kaleidoscope Oxfam by Toko

Another work by Jeppe Hein

Framed Ball by Jeppe Hein

Steven Siegel – Beach Blocks, 2009

Tom Burr

Block Triangle by Kit Grill

Generative logo by Neue Design Studio


Nils Nova – 2.Zeit

Martin Creed – Work No. 571

Towards and Beyond – Rafael Rozendaal

Phoenecia by Echelon Mall

Dan by Ivan Suletic

a block found in Berlin Friedrichshain

Ciudad Tiles by Nel Colectivo

Organic Cube by Soren Korsgaard

Antony Gormley – Breathing Room III

Jan Blommaert – Americas Most Haunted Three

Proposal for a Monument at Lagrange 5, Dedicated to the Lost Space Age by Ralo Mayer

shapemaker by miller goodman

Polygon Font by Andy Babb, 2008

Cube Dude

Jerzy Seymour Wax Chair, 2010

Japanese Block

Window of the Institut du Monde Arabe Paris

traffic light Paris

metro wall Paris

Honey Neustadt by Franz Höfner and Harry Sachs, 2006

Marina margarine

Milky Disco Three by Non-Format

Peter Coffin – 3D God´s Eye

Rubik´s Cube Braille

Milton F Stevenson V

Eric Angels – Open Edition 10


Gate to night gate to day

Thread & Water T-Shirt by yasly

Nonsensical Infographics by Chad Hagen