Growing Snowflake by Kenneth G. Libbrecht


Boundless by Christian Herdeg


line study in falling squares by Johnny Abrahams

Yoan Capote – Stress

Work by Robert Smithson

Variations of incomplete open cubes by Sol Le Witt in Bulletin 88

The Artwork Nobody Knows by Ryan Gander

Block by Joseph Kosuth

Golden Parachutes by James Bill

Non-Periodic (Three Colors) by Owen Schuh

Britannica Atlas by Lucas Simões

Socle Du Monde 991-92, an homage to Piero Manzoni

Spectrum Cube – Emilio Gomariz

Statistische Phantasie by Anatolii Timofeevich Fomenko

Nobson Newtown by Paul Noble

Unnderweissung der proportzion unnd stellung der possen by Erhard Schön

Bizzarie di varie figure by Giovanni Battista Bracelli

Deß Circkelß vnd Richtscheyts … by Heinrich Lautensack

Cubic drawing by Luca Cambiaso

Rhythm of the city by Slavomir Zombek

David Scanavino – Corral

Amon Tobi – ISAM Live

PAINTING830 by Claudio Parentela

Andy Gilmore – 08-05-2011

Another work by Jeppe Hein

Framed Ball by Jeppe Hein

Steven Siegel – Beach Blocks, 2009

Tom Burr

Nils Nova – 2.Zeit

Martin Creed – Work No. 571

Artwork by Jackie Windsor

Refractive Hexagon by Robert Heinecken

Espelho com luz by Waltércio Caldas

Pose Work for Plinths 3 by Bruce McLean

Dan by Ivan Suletic

Antony Gormley – Breathing Room III

Proposal for a Monument at Lagrange 5, Dedicated to the Lost Space Age by Ralo Mayer

Honey Neustadt by Franz Höfner and Harry Sachs, 2006

Peter Coffin – 3D God´s Eye

Fran West – Cubi Carini

Milton F Stevenson V

Eric Angels – Open Edition 10

Instalation by Varvin

Cubeweave by Jim Isermann, 1996

Quai des célestins, n°6 by Felice Varini, 1980

Idris Khan – Seven Times

Prisoners in a New Interior by Nancy Wolf, 1972


Urs Fischer – New Museum NYC

Bleka Minnen by Michael Johansson


Video of colour projections by Olafur Eliasson


Gianfranco Pardi


Six trashed items by Peter K. Koch


Untitled by Erwin Wurm


Frost activity by Olafur Eliasson


Andreas Kocks


Untitled by Kitty Kraus

Kitty Kraus - Ohne Titel - 2008 - 2b

Brilliant by David Shrigley


Cubes by Ai Weiwei


Cosmobiotechnic drawings by Kat Masback

Cosmobiotechnic Drawings  kat-masback-04-virionssm

Untitled by Sam Messenger


Cubes by Katsumi Hayakawa


Mathturbation by Don Shank


unknown black block box


Can someone tell us why we are here? by Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning artwork_images_111979_263780_olaf-breuning

Tinte auf Papier by Marion Ha?hnle


Brick cube by James Joyce 2008

Brick cube by James Joyce 2008

Michael Bell-Smith – Stack/Shatter(Five Ways)

Compass and ink by Richard Sarson

Stack by Tony Cragg, 1975

Untitled by SAM MESSENGER, 2005

Ton of Tea – Ai Weiwei

Walead Beshty

The Orgone Motor by Paul Laffoley, 1981

Wall Drawing 766 by Sol Le Witt with timelapse video

Kunst by Ahoi Polloi

Translation: I see something you don’t see and it is art. ha ha.

Installation by Jan Imberi

Street art by Aakash Nihalani

6 Part Studio Wall Drawing by Keith Tyson – 5th June 2006

Tomoyuki Ueno–Life Time

Zipdesign – The Four Horsemen

Larry Bell

Barry McGee

Barry McGee

Block Aromaster

Block Aromaster

Theodor Artus Winde – 3 Sets mit Spiezeuggebäuden und 5 einzelne Häuser – vor 1933

Theodor Artus Winde - 3 Sets mit Spiezeuggeba�uden und 5 einzelne Ha�user - vor 1933

Verner Panton – PantoNaef – 1975

Verner Panton - PantoNaef

Waki Z?llner – Baukasten – 1968

Waki Zo�llner - Baukasten - 1968.tif

Donal Judd – Untitled – 1976 1977

Donal Judd - UntitledDonal Judd - Untitled

The Illuminate Cube

The Illuminate Cube

Adam Kalkin – Quick House

Adam Kalkin - Quick House

daniel brown for shift magazine

Daniel Brown for shift magazine

Paul Noble – Artist


The Cubes – In this office you´re the boss!

The Cubes



Sign Generator by Norm

Norm Sign Generator

Tiny Icon Factory

Tiny Icon Factory

Brighten the Corners – Sky Block

brighten the corners

Block Knast

Block Knast

More Stones