Always / Never by United Visual Artists UVA


Work by Robert Smithson

The Artwork Nobody Knows by Ryan Gander

Block by Joseph Kosuth

Another work by Jeppe Hein

Espelho com luz by Waltércio Caldas

Dan by Ivan Suletic

Proposal for a Monument at Lagrange 5, Dedicated to the Lost Space Age by Ralo Mayer

Instalation by Varvin

Mural LP’09 by Roger Adam, 2009

Urs Fischer – New Museum NYC

Untitled by Kitty Kraus

Kitty Kraus - Ohne Titel - 2008 - 2b

Brickism by Wood Wood

brickism 237-987b2

Tinte auf Papier by Marion Ha?hnle


Wall Drawing 766 by Sol Le Witt with timelapse video

Talking in Blocks

6 Part Studio Wall Drawing by Keith Tyson – 5th June 2006

Barry McGee

Barry McGee

Verner Panton – PantoNaef – 1975

Verner Panton - PantoNaef

Waki Z?llner – Baukasten – 1968

Waki Zo�llner - Baukasten - 1968.tif

Adam Kalkin – Quick House

Adam Kalkin - Quick House

The Cubes – In this office you´re the boss!

The Cubes



TDC 2006 Block Letters – Mariko Yokogi – from Osaka – Japan

TDC 2006 Block Poster from Japan

TDC 2006 Block Poster from Montreal

Work from Canada

Sign Generator by Norm

Norm Sign Generator