Spectrum Cube – Emilio Gomariz

XYZ note Video by kamkam

Video of colour projections by Olafur Eliasson


dice by MDCCLXIV

dice 3055503911_2525b0c66a_o

Parco Shibuya christmas tree by Masaru Ozaki


Inner Life


555 KUBIK facade projection by urbanscreen


Ben Procter

William Raban / Diagonal

Michael Bell-Smith – Stack/Shatter(Five Ways)

Alex Sushon

Wall Drawing 766 by Sol Le Witt with timelapse video

Cube by Spirit Surfers

Josef Hoffmann – Spielzeugfabrik – um 1920

Josef Hoffmann - Spielzeugfabrik - um 1920

TDC 2006 poster – 3 Dimension Typeface daylight version – Yoni Kim from New York

TDC 2006 Ney York